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Micro Crib was established in 2018 with the original intent of providing affordable tiny luxury houses to nearly anyone that desired to have one. Initially, designs were extremely small. Before long, we were unable to restrain ourselves, and the sizes continued to grow. Designs quickly began to exceed 3000 square feet. Home prices range from $69,999 to $599,999 with set-up, installation, permits, and all documentation. Whether you are choosing to add an additional dwelling adjacent to your main home, or plan to make it your primary residence, we have the solution. We offer several options with NO MONEY DOWN and no credit check. The industry said it could not be done, we said it could, and did it.

who we are
big money making options


OPTION 1: We place a 1 to 3 bedroom unit in your back yard. There is NO MONEY DOWN, and the profits are split half and half after the first 18 to 24 months depending on the unit selected.

OPTION 2: You put 15-20% down and the revenue profits are split half and half each month. With this option you would choose the unit.

OPTION 3: Finance the unit with NO CREDIT CHECK and 50% down. With this option you keep 75% of the profits each month.

OPTION 4: Keep 100% of the profits each month when financing through your bank or paying cash.


The following designs are original, and were created by our design staff. If you see them elsewhere, just know this is where they originated.

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Show me the Designs


With NO HIDDEN FEES or expenses, we work diligently and tirelessly to ensure you understand everything before signing any documents.


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Micro Crib is the only company that provides housing with no money down and no credit check; While at the same time allowing the participant to create a significant revenue stream from day 1.

Just drop us a line and ask for anything you think we could be helpful with. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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